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What is Creatrix™ ?

Creatrix™ is designed specifically for women, and is a mind breakthrough (healing) experience that sets a woman free from what’s holding her back in life, her lack of self belief, to name just some of the issues that stop a woman feeling great about herself.

Transforming women at their core, CreatrixTM delivers fast, effective, long-lasting results.
Discover the real you and your potential!

The 5 Stages of Transformology®

1. ReLEASE—emotional and limiting blockages

2. ReLEARN—get your own soul’s life lessons and tools to move forward

3. ReCODE—delete inherited negative patterning

4. ReFRAME—your entire perspective

5. ReCREATE—the life you want

Here’s why Creatrix™ works.

It’s a process specifically designed women

There’s no such thing as a unisex-sex brain. Female brains make us process the world differ- ently to men, and that’s scientifically proven.

Let’s face it, we put others first all the time. We think we’re not good enough, not good looking enough. It just seems to come naturally, doesn’t it? For example, your partner could tell you 100 times a day how beautiful you are, but if you feel inadequate at a deep level, you simply won’t believe it.

Quite simply, the more fear, rejection, hurt, abuse, failure, and disappointment we’ve experienced, the further we are from letting go and enjoying a quality life. We need more than just positive affirmations to change these deep-rooted emotional issues.

Negative emotions have to be removed from the past in order for us to be able to move on and live a positive, enjoyable life. And the Creatrix™ process has been designed to break the cycle of negativity, and provides a chance to create a new cycle of success, and peace of mind. Now, how great does that sound?!

Fast, pain-free results

The Creatrix™ process is a matter of closing your eyes, and having all your past negative attachments to experiences in life detached. In just a few short hours, you can transform your life. Pretty amazing, right?

But it’s not just about letting go. There are life lessons that come through to fill the void, and you’ll feel complete, and much, much wiser! Best of all, the whole experience is enjoyable and pain-free. Your eyes are closed, and “story” is used as a framework.

Creatrix™ deals with everyday women’s issues

Creatrix™ doesn’t treat psychotic or mental illness. Just women who are struggling with everyday life, and it not being how they want it to be. Whether it’s anger, hurt, resentment, sadness, fear, anxiousness, not letting go of past issues, Creatrix™ can help.

So, if you feel limited, and are struggling to move forwards in your personal or business life, let’s have a chat about how the Creatrix™ process can benefit not only you, but also every relationship you have.