Moveon with Hypnotherapy

Services available face to face in Mount Barker, Blackwood or online if you live anywhere else in the world

Our minds are complex little buggers. There’s the conscious mind that sits in the driver’s seat and directs all our thoughts and actions. And there’s the unconscious mind who lurks quietly in the background. It doesn’t say much, but it’s the engine that’s actually driving the car. The conscious mind THINKS it’s the driver, but really, it’s the unconscious mind that’s giving all the directions.

That unconscious mind has a memory like a steel trap. When things happen to us throughout our lives, those memories get locked up tight in our unconscious mind. Everything from major traumatic life events, right through to the seemingly harmless comments thrown about in the school yard. All those bits of information get stored in the unconscious mind and start to shape our beliefs.

Now the whole goal of the unconscious mind is to keep you safe. So it’s used all that info it’s received over the years to decide what is NOT safe about the world. It’s become the over-protective helicopter parent constantly saying “don’t touch that, you’ll hurt yourself, that’s scary, don’t dooo iiiit.”

The unconscious mind is working on overdrive in the background, but what YOU see, is how that tension and angst actually shows up in your body.

It can show up as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other symptoms of emotional distress such as agoraphobia, addictions and compulsive behaviour. The longer the body holds on to that unresolved stress, the more physical ailments like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive problems or other health issues can rear their ugly head.

But if we’re just treating those surface level symptoms – “oh you have anxiety, take this pill… oh you have depression, take this pill instead” – that band-aid can only mask the problem. We need to look beneath the surface to find out what’s really going on.

If the unconscious mind is the one that’s giving all the direction, we need to deal with what’s locked away in there. And that’s what Hypnotherapy can do for you.

In just 3-4 sessions, we discover the beliefs that may be impacting your physical and mental well-being and inject NEW beliefs that will actually support you in becoming the person you want to be.

Using a powerful, fast and effective approach known as The Richards Trauma Process™ we can short circuit the memories that are stored in your unconscious mind and remove the emotional charge from those events.

When we cut those wires, many of the symptoms of emotional distress simply evaporate.

But we don’t just break that connection.

We create NEW connections and install NEW beliefs that will support you in creating your future exactly as you want it.




Say goodbye to anxiety, depression, overwhelm, addiction and the physical symptoms that go along with them.


Drift off to sleep peacefully without the buzzing of 1000 stressful thoughts racing through your mind each night


Cope with the everyday stresses and challenges that life throws up without feeling like the smallest thing will set you off.


Feel optimistic about your future instead of imagining everything that could possibly go wrong


Feel like you’re in the driver’s seat and taking positive steps to create the kind of life YOU want instead of just feeling like you’re a passenger on the rollercoaster of your circumstances


Experience those feelings in just 3-4 sessions instead of months and months of intensive therapy


I’d love to show you how…

Book for a 45 minute strategy session for just $97

In this session we will identify:

How your unconscious mind is contributing to the physical and mental symptoms you’re experiencing.
How hypnotherapy works and a strategy to turn your life around.

Fully redeemable against a hypnotherapy package.

I found the perspective I learnt from MoveOn Counselling incredibly helpful. A perspective that felt natural and right compared to the bird box, old wives’ tale, conditioned perspectives you often get from family, friends, organizations and the public at large.

As an example, Alcoholic Anonymous preach that you are helpless to yourself, encourage you to name and shame yourself and claim you are doomed without the help of a higher power.

Now, I like the higher power thought, but for the rest…a load of banana dung!
I liked your approach. Ultimately, you are teaching mindfulness and living in the present.

Takes practise, but you reap the rewards.

As for me, I’m still balmy and people say I’m unusual and different. Right on the buck, I am different. Because, I don’t like conditioning, I don’t like being told things aren’t fixable and I don’t listen to peoples droning regurgitations of what they heard or were told. Like being victim to nonsense big corporation adverts….

That’s why I like MoveOn Counselling. It moves you on!



If you can use your imagination, then yes absolutely! All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and we all do it every day. For example, watching TV we have emotional responses that are felt in our body (if you don’t believe me then watch a scary movie!). This is because we richly imagine the events in that story. Our body and our unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between make believe or real events, because “the body believes what the mind richly imagines’.

You may use your own rich imagination in negative self-talk or catastrophising; how about you use that same rich imagination to create a rich wonderful life that you deserve.


I wish I could read minds that would be very useful, but unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand! The truth is you gain control over yourself. You will learn how to be fully empowered and finally get to be in the driver’s seat of your own life.


NO!!! This is a dangerous practice; all memories evolve as we replay them in our mind. Memories are not reliable and if we have forgotten them there is probably a good reason for it. What I do instead is safe! We deal with what we know, but only when you are empowered, then we can let your body and mind leave the past behind and focus on the future that you want!


Yes, because we get to the root cause! We don’t use band aid techniques that just deal with the symptoms. 


No, I can’t guarantee that you will commit to the process and do what it takes to give yourself the best outcome. Hypnotherapy is not passive, it requires you be fully engaged and work with me.

However, I can guarantee that I fully commit to supporting you to move on from issues such as self-doubt, compulsive behaviours and emotional distress.   


This life transforming process is just $1200. This includes 3-4 weekly sessions lasting approximately 1.5hrs and three monthly follow up emails for the next year, because I want to hear about your new life!! (I did say “this isn’t a short-term fix”). Payment plan available.

Just imagine a therapy that’s gets to the root of the problem safely. NO talking about it over and over again. NO endless months of therapy, just rapid processing of painful events quickly and safely without re-traumatising. So, your body and mind can return to calm and you can finally be in the driver’s seat of your life for good!