I support people to Moveon and develop healthy habits, positive thinking patterns as well as deal with emotional and physical pain.


Have you ever jumped to a conclusion? You saw something, read something, heard something and based on that one snippet of information, you made 101 assumptions.

BUT THEN you come to realise that there’s a lot more to the situation than you first realised. All those assumptions you made go flying out the window when you understand what’s really going on behind the scenes.

We don’t just do this with what’s going on around us, we do this within ourselves.

We feel a symptom and we immediately lump it into a category.

We give it a label – anxiety, depression, overwhelm, addiction – and then we layer on all the assumptions that those labels bring with them.

And when you’ve experienced trauma in your life, those assumptions barely scratch the surface of what is really going on for you.

But what if we got to know those symptoms a little better? What if we acknowledged that what is showing up on the surface is only a small fraction of the story. And what if we actually started to DEAL with what’s lying under the surface, instead of putting band-aid after band-aid on top and not feeling any better?

That’s where hypnotherapy can help..

Hypnotherapy is a safe natural process which brings about subconscious positive changes, you always remain completely in control. It uses focussed attention so you are open to suggestion and able to find your own inner strength.  

Hypnotherapy can help you to change your patterns of behaviour in a way that is helpful to you.

Do you want to..


Feel empowered to take control of your own life?


Overcome low self-esteem and learn to love yourself?


Eliminate negative self-talk and learn how to make your own future positive?


Eradicate compulsive behaviours and addiction?


Make positive changes to your physical health?


Stop over-reacting and feel calm in your body and mind?


Just send a message and Carol will contact you soon.


Carol is passionate about helping people improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Supporting people to identify the underlying issue and resolve it in a way that is natural and empowering for her clients.

She believes that everybody has the power within to heal and move on from difficult experiences and lead a life that they truly desire.

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This is an excerpt from Judith Richards page. This amazing woman developed an amazing therapy from her own life experiences. It's is a therapy I believe will change how we treat mental health. This is my path to follow to truely heal trauma.
I can't thank Judith enough, to be leading the way with her integrity, passion for healing ourselves and others.

Please take your time to read below.

I believe…

EVERYTHING I do - I believe in challenging the status quo.

~ I believe in challenging ‘this is what we do, simply because it's what’s always been done'.

That doesn’t ‘cut it’ for me.

~ I believe in looking at a problem with new eyes, fresh eyes, from a different perspective - unfettered by what’s been done before.

~ I believe in beginning with a very clear vision of the outcome required;
QUESTIONING accepted knowledge and practice
and FINDING A WAY - because there is ALWAYS a way.

~ I believe in being an optimist
- because there is ALWAYS a way…
- because there is ALWAYS a better way…
- because there is ALWAYS a more effective, faster, safer way.

~ I believe that new things, new ideas, new ways of doing things, SHOULD be thoroughly investigated.
They MAY have / they MAY be the answer, OR they may be a stepping stone to something greater.

~ I believe that NOT having a major education in a particular specialty area is NOT necessarily a disadvantage. On the contrary, it MAY be an advantage - because it allows the possibility of looking with NEW EYES, with a FRESH VISION.

~ I believe that the current mental health system is NOT working.
(The leading cause of death in 14 to 44-year-olds in Australia is suicide. Three within my own family.)
There is a tsunami of pain ‘out there’ - epidemics of anxiety, depression, PTSD, bullying, rage, deep despair, violence on the streets and in homes, addictions to substances and behaviours.

~ I believe that it IS possible to provide better outcomes for those suffering mental health issues.

~ I believe that the government is financially haemorrhaging because of the MASSIVE PROBLEM which is mental health.
This is because mental health (or lack of it) often leads to physical breakdown.
Mental health issues cost businesses in productivity, cost insurance companies.
Mental health issues cause unemployment, family dysfunction, family breakdown, substance and behaviour addictions, crime - all of which cost society, in so many ways.
Mental health issues cause a domino effect across society in many, many directions.

~ I believe that there IS a solution.
I believe that our mental health system is NOT effectively dealing with this crisis I believe that it is possible to change how ‘mental health’ is done, so that many, many people (the majority) stepped through to the other side of their pain.

~ I believe that MOST mental ill health is caused by distressing events or periods of intense stress which we have lived through, (- otherwise known as trauma.)
I believe that by changing the Unconscious Core Beliefs which keep patterns of thinking, behaviour and circumstance ‘locked in’, and then taking the emotional charge out of the past, that a motivated, engaged client can be liberated into a life of good, positive mental health.

~ I believe that our health system, our society, has lost its way.

~ I believe that those on the front lines of a mental health problems are generally ill-equipped to achieve extraordinary outcomes from those who seek their expertise.
Indeed, most in mental health professions do not believe that more positive outcomes are even possible.
This saddens me.

~ I believe that It’s Time - for a more effective solution.

~ I believe that many who work in the area of mental health are exhausted, burnt out, working in a lonely, unsupported environment, and are, themselves, negatively impacted in terms of their own mental and physical health.

~ I believe that most who work in the area of mental health I good people, with good hearts, capable and generous, wanting only a good outcome for their clients.
Many are leaving the area of mental health in despair, WANTING some processes which ACTUALLY RESOLVE their clients’ pain.

~ I believe that processes such as EMDR are wonderful. I believe that many learned this and other processes and don’t use them, or use them in less than optimum ways.

~ I believe that TRTP, with a motivated client and a skilled practitioner, CAN change the face of mental health and stem the government’s financial haemorrhage.
I believe the TRTP, with a motivated client and a skilled practitioner, CAN resolve depression, anxiety, PTSD and other trauma related mental health issues.
Indeed, I have seen do so many hundreds of times.

~ I believe that we OWE it to our clients to do as the USA psychology society encourages - to investigate and NOT ignore new therapies which are not yet evidence-based.

~ I believe that TRTP - a process which was created in order to resolve real, extreme trauma, a process NOT just based on psychology theory but based in real life and real pain, which has been shown to offer extraordinarily positive outcomes, has merit.
I believe that for the sake of our clients TRTP should be investigated.

~ I believe that it is possible to ‘take shit and make gold’, to create healing for many from such profound injury to some, (me and mine.)
- to make something Good in the world from something that was so very bad.

Indeed, this is the survivor’s compulsion.
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