7 Steps to Serenity Hypnotherapy Program

An alternative to one on one sessions

I’ve put this program together to give you a taste of what hypnotherapy is like and to kickstart those changes you’re after.

Thinking about hypnotherapy, but you’re not quite sure what it’s all about…

Are you’re at that point where you know you want to make changes, but where the heck do you even start? Well this mini course is the perfect teaser to open your mind to the possibilities of transformational changes.

Learn more on why this is an easy solution that will fit in to your busy life:

Just $27

Why choose this program?



Easy Peasy Download:

No tech wizardry required. Just a quick download onto your favourite podcast platform on your phone, and you’re ready to roll.


Your Pocket Guru:

Imagine having your personal hypnotherapy sessions right on your phone. It’s like carrying a wise, calming friend in your pocket.


Go Anywhere, Use Anywhere:

Stuck at work and stress levels skyrocketing? Find a quiet corner, plug in your earphones, and let the program work its magic. Park vibes? Sure, why not! Wherever you are, your tranquillity boost is right there with you.


10-Minute Wins:

Who has hours to spare? Our recordings are compact, around 10 minutes each. Quick, effective, and perfect for your busy life.


Full-Spectrum Care:

Stress, anxiety, self-love, motivation—you name it, we cover it. Seven power-packed modules that speak to common struggles we all face.



Mind Makeover:

Ever feel like your thoughts are hijacking your peace? Our program gently nudges those negative thoughts in a more positive direction.


Personal Retreat:

Skip the spa bills. This app’s your self-care sanctuary, ready to whisk you away to a serene mental space whenever you need it.


Budget-Friendly Bliss:

$27 is all it takes to unlock a treasure trove of peace, better sleep, and a happier you. Stress reduction at a steal!



Join the Movement:

Don’t let stress and anxiety hold you back. Embrace change, conquer challenges, and take charge of your well-being.

Life’s too short to let stress call the shots. Your journey to a calmer, more centred you starts with a simple download. Ready to take the plunge?