Resource Therapy

Services available face to face in Mount Barker, Blackwood or online if you live anywhere else in the world

What is Resource Therapy?

Have you ever thought that you want to lose weight, but then another part of you thinks, “I just don’t want to be bothered. I’d rather chill out with a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine, while binging on Netflix”?

It’s like there’s an internal fight between different parts of you; a devil on one shoulder, and a saint on the other. One minute you’re motivated and determined, but later the same day you’re on the sofa, and in that moment you just don’t care … Sound familiar?

Well, this happens in many areas of our life. You see, there are multiple parts of us, which are sometimes referred to as ego states or resources. Each part has a purpose, and they all play a role in our life. Such as the mother role, or being a partner, the worker, the fun part, the serious part … see what I mean?

By negotiating and speaking directly to the part of you that has an issue, I can help you find solutions and resources to move forward to create peace and harmony within yourself.

When you feel emotional pain or discomfort, certain behaviours may kick in to take the focus away from that emotional distress. I often describe these behaviours as a comfort blanket, so the part of you that is wanting comfort is trying to protect you, so it’s role is to give you a feeling of safety or numbing from the unease you’re feeling.

These behaviours will continue until the part that is holding that emotion feels understood and supported. And that’s where Resource Therapy can help.

Resource Therapy works on a broad range of problems, and it addresses the root cause, so the changes are effective, and long-lasting.