The Richards Trauma Process

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What is the Richards Trauma Process™ ?

The Richards Trauma ProcessTM (TRTP) is a revolutionary process for resolving trauma. Clients are achieving significant results and improvements in just a few sessions.

TRTP is the ideal solution for people who are suffering trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and depression, as it offers real, safe, effective results in just a few sessions, without re-traumatising the client.

The process was developed by Judith Richards, following her own personal struggle to restore her life to normality.

So, even if you’ve tried other therapy treatments which haven’t been successful in leaving the past behind, TRTP might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

How does the Richards Trauma Process™ Work?

When overwhelming events happen to us, the body isn’t able to process them. The ‘trauma’ gets stuck in the body, and the unconscious mind.

TRTP™ deals with past events in two ways. Firstly, physically; by releasing the emotional charge that gets stuck at the time of the event. And, secondly, psychologically; by installing a feeling of safety (“I’m safe”) into the body and mind.

This combination is proven to be extremely effective at resolving past issues, which then enables the client to focus on the future, and move on and start enjoying life.

TRTP™ uses hypnosis (focused concentration) as a mechanism to speak directly to the body and resolve the trauma. And it’s the client’s imagination that becomes the powerful tool for change during hypnosis.

Because the body and the unconscious mind don’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined, under hypnosis, when we imagine different outcomes to old events, we are most open to suggestion. Which means that things are processed, and change occurs at a deep, enduring level.


In order to resolve trauma, two requirements are necessary:

1. The person must be moved to an empowered position in relation to the trauma; and
2. The body needs to know that the event/events are over.
This is what underpins TRTP™.

TRTP™ initially deals with the underlying, negative believes which keep a person stuck in patterns of negative thought, emotion, and behaviour

TRTP™ then takes out the emotional charge from past events, without re-traumatising the client, and is instead moved to a place of empowerment in relation to the trauma.

TRTP™ doesn’t simply deal with the symptoms of trauma or distressing events, it addresses the underlying cause of the problem, removes the emotional charge from the past, and returns the body and mind to a state of calm.

I’d love to chat with you about how The Richards Trauma ProcessTM can help your situation.