Brain Training with Hypnosis – Finding the power within

We are shaped by our past experience and this influences or unconscious core beliefs, sometimes these beliefs can limit us and we can reinforce these beliefs with negative self talk. Hypnotherapy can help to change these unconscious beliefs and this can change our brain by practising new ways of thinking which are more helpful.


So, I’ve always found that really, really fascinating because we all have self-sabotage. That’s part the human nature. We think we want to do something, so you might think I want to lose weight. But, if your unconscious mind says it isn’t safe to lose weight, then you won’t lose weight. If your unconscious mind says it’s not safe to be successful, then we’ll keep trying to be successful, but things don’t keep going your way. That’s often our own unconscious core beliefs.

There’s many reasons to why our behaviours are there, but the truth is often in our past. And that can carry on with us throughout life. I’ve met many people in their older years who have all these things come to afore and they don’t understand why. But, it’s all been there for many years. A lot of it actually is changeable because we’ve got a lot of power within ourselves to make big changes.

We can change our thoughts; our brain is very moldable. What we practise doing is what we become. So, if we have a negative self belief and we keep believing that, then if you keep berating yourself everything that’s in your cognitive mind, you say, “I’m not good at this.” this goes into your unconscious mind and it becomes your truth. So, if we can work and be kind to ourselves, we’re not going to keep practising those ways that aren’t doing us any favours. What we do is actually build our brain around our thoughts, so the more positive we are the more in goes in. What we put out in the universe is what we get back. So if we’re negative, we practise being negative, and we find that negative things happen to us because that’s what we’re expecting. You get what you’re expecting.

It’s all linked how we behave, and how we feel, and our past experiences and that’s where hypnotherapy can be really powerful. Because, we can change some of those unconscious core beliefs. We can settle … I like to call it brain training. So, we can actually remould our brain. We can let it know that those things aren’t helpful to us anymore. We can practise and put new memories in there that are gonna be more useful. We can be more empowered and in charge and in that way, we can actually set new neurons up because we’re practising new ways of thinking. That’s going to be much more helpful to us.

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